LEAP Technologies and Antec start collaboration

June 01, 2016

LEAP Technologies Inc. (LEAP), Carrboro, NC, USA and Antec, Zoeterwoude, The Netherlands, announced their collaboration in the field of sample preparation for HDX/MS.

LEAP is a provider of automated Hydrogen Deuterium Exchange (HDX) workstations that allow for labeling, quenching and injection of protein samples under cold conditions. Antec is a provider of the ROXY electrochemical system, providing fast and efficient electrochemical reduction of disulfide bonds in proteins/peptides. The integration the ROXY EC system into LEAP’s PAL HDX workstation will assure a fully automated HDX/EC/MS workflow which can be used with every mass spectrometer.

The full integration enables reducing disulfide bonds in proteins/peptides in only a fraction of the time compared with the use of reducing agents (TCEP). Large and highly disulfide-stabilized proteins (e.g., cystine knots) previously difficult to reduce chemically are now accessible for HDX, resulting in an overall increased sequence coverage. Jean-Pierre Chervet (CEO Antec) comments: we are excited to collaborate with LEAP the world leader in HDX automation and to bring HDX/MS to a new level of customer satisfaction by integrating the disulfide bond reduction.

LEAP and Antec are proud to be providing an improved customer solution of HDX/EC/MS integration.

At ASMS, June 5-9, 2016, both companies will present this approach.

For more information feel free to visit Antec booth # 700 or LEAP Technologies booth # 623. LEAP is part of the Trajan family - you can also meet the team from Trajan Scientific and Medical at booth # 403.

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