Trajan announces new Instruments, Sensors and Devices Business Unit at University of Adelaide

Trajan announces new Instruments, Sensors and Devices Business Unit at University of Adelaide

November 27, 2015

Photo: Dr Anne Collins,General Manager Instruments, Sensors and Devices, Trajan Scientific and Medical, Adelaide. Fiber drums and the microscope system for fiber internal structure analysis. 

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia - 27 November 2015

Trajan Scientific and Medical (Trajan) has announced the opening of a new Business Unit - Instruments, Sensors and Devices, to be located at the University of Adelaide’s Institute for Photonics and Advanced Sensing (IPAS). Along with the new capabilities existing on that site such as glass modification and extrusion, the new Business Unit will have global responsibilities for new devices such as the recently revealed hemaPEN™ for dried blood spot sampling.

This announcement comes just two months after Trajan’s landmark strategic collaboration with the University of Adelaide, supported by the South Australian Government, was revealed. This collaboration sees the realization of the IPAS research and development and manufacturing hub based on a new generation of specialty glass products for the global science and medical equipment market, helping scientists to commercialize their research into products that ultimately benefit human health and wellbeing.

Chief Executive Officer of Trajan, Stephen Tomisich says the company’s new Instruments, Sensors and Devices Business Unit marks another key milestone in Trajan’s journey into technologies that impact human wellbeing.

“The opening of the Instruments, Sensors and Devices Business Unit is a significant milestone for Trajan as we expand our footprint from our historical manufacturing hub in Melbourne, Victoria. The combination of the location in Adelaide, the collaboration with IPAS and the University, and the expansion of technical capabilities puts us in a strong position to realize our vision of enriching wellbeing,” said Mr Tomisich.

Dr Anne Collins has been announced as the General Manager of the Instruments, Sensors and Devices Business Unit. With a PhD in Biochemical Engineering from the University College London, UK and a MBA from the University of Adelaide, Dr Collins possesses more than 20 years international experience in the pharmaceutical and life science industry in roles. She is supported by Principal Scientist (Photonics), Dr Herbert Foo.

Dr Collins comments the role of the new Business Unit is to lead the transition of Trajan into the new era of portable, sensitive and selective sensors and devices.

“Our vision is to develop and commercialize such products in to global health, food and environmental markets, underpinned by rigorous science and excellence in product development and manufacture,” she said.

Trajan’s goal is for the hub to become a global center of excellence for sensing and device technologies. The company’s focus is on developing and commercializing technologies that enable analytical systems to be more selective, sensitive and specific for biological, environmental or food related measurements - especially those that can lead to portability, miniaturization and affordability.

Photos: Dr Herbert Foo with a lead silicate glass drop, from the 4 meter fiber drawing tower for soft glass and polymer fibers fabrication with UV lamp for in-line fiber coating.

Photos: Dr Anne Collins with preforms of tellurite glass photonics crystal fiber and bismuth glass capillary.

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