Internship Program Connects With Industry at MCN

Internship Program Connects With Industry at MCN

November 01, 2014

Extract from the Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication:

MCN’s internship program has hit the ground running, with four interns recently joining MCN’s professional staff. With a range of experience in nanotechnology, chemical engineering and physics, the interns were selected by our industry partners to work on projects particular to their skills. MCN welcomes James Grifftih, Mathew Lui, Lachlan Pierce and Siew Pei Hoo!

Both Lachlan and Siew will be working with Trajan Scientific and Medical which is focused on developing and commercialising technologies that enable analytical systems to be more selective, sensitive and specific for biological, environmental or food related measurements, especially those that can lead to portability, miniaturisation and affordability.

Trajan engaged with MCN to continue development of porous polymer monoliths designed as a means of chemical separation, and to take this work from the research domain into a viable manufactured product. General manager of chemistry platforms at Trajan, Dr. Rick Barber said, “MCN is a fundamental interface between the research world and the manufacturing line. The intern program is a fantastic opportunity for us to fast track the research and development stage of this project as we are able to work on parallel applications and work through the initial research work faster, to achieve an end-product more swiftly.”

Read the full article at the MCN website.

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MCN Interns at Trajan with Research Scientist Dr Jason Hon and General Manager Chemistry Platforms Dr Rick Barber

Photo (L-R): Dr Jason Hon, Research Scientist, Trajan, Siew Pei Hoo, MCN Intern, Lachlan Pierce, MCN Intern, and Dr Rick Barber, General Manager, Chemistry Platforms, Trajan, at Trajan Scientific and Medical, Melbourne, Australia.