Cathy Cordova Appointed Trajan's General Manager of Microsampling Unit

Cathy Cordova Appointed Trajan's General Manager of Microsampling Unit

February 16, 2022

Trajan Scientific and Medical recently acquired US-based medical device company Neoteryx, which developed the Mitra® device and VAMS® technology to facilitate remote specimen collection and microsampling. With the aim of accelerating adoption of microsampling tools to enable better personal health management, Trajan and Neoteryx are unifying their microsampling teams. As part of this integration, Cathy Cordova has been appointed the General Manager of the consolidated Microsampling Business Unit, with oversight of its product portfolio and strategic direction. Cordova will report directly to Trajan Founder and CEO Stephen Tomisich.

Cordova brings a strong background in medical device management and microsampling to her new role as General Manager. She has served as Neoteryx Director of Marketing for the past six years and was a member of the leadership team. Prior to that, she played a key role in the global growth of Phenomenex, holding various management roles within the global marketing team for nearly 15 years before joining Neoteryx to help market Mitra as its flagship microsampling device and position the company as a market leader. Cordova has a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and an MBA from California State University, Long Beach. 

"I wish Cathy every success in her new adventure as she and her team work in a very direct way to deliver Trajan’s vision of science that benefits people,” said Stephen Tomisich, Trajan Founder and CEO.

Florian Lapierre who invented Trajan's hemaPEN® device and previously headed up the company's Microsampling Business Unit, will transition into a senior management role focused on further developing Trajan's expanding suite of microsampling technologies. Cordova and Lapierre will work collaboratively on product development with the combined microsampling team. 

Reporting directly to Cordova is Doug McCrory, Neoteryx Business Development Manager, who will continue to lead the microsampling commercial team. McCrory's team will take on full responsibility for the global sales of Trajan’s complete microsampling product line, including the Mitra device, hemaPEN and newer technologies still in development.

 As Trajan Scientific and Medical continues to grow in size and capability, its main purpose is to provide science that benefits people. Trajan strives to work in collaboration with like-minded people to make an impact on human wellbeing.