Putting people at the heart of it all!

Putting people at the heart of it all!

February 18, 2017

It would be easy to dismiss the importance of a microscope slide in the pathology laboratory, after all, put simply it is a flat piece of glass.

Trajan Scientific and Medical (Trajan) believes it is much much more than this, and invite pathology laboratories to work with our range of Trajan microscope slides to make a real difference to their workflow.

At the heart of Trajan is our belief in improving the wellbeing of people. This translates into quality products that do not compromise on performance at any cost.

Understanding the affect that the surface coating functionality has on the performance of a slide, and impact on diagnosis is central to Trajan’s adhesive microscope slides portfolio. 

Breast cancer diagnosis in particular can benefit from the Trajan Series 2 adhesive microscope slides, that have a specialized coating in tandem with reduced background staining, provide improved tissue section adherence and extensibility.

View our range to find out how Trajan’s microscope slides can assist with better diagnosis, improved efficiency and workflow for your pathology laboratory.

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