Trajan celebrates International Pathology Day with ScyTek Laboratories to deliver quality IHC solutions

Trajan celebrates International Pathology Day with ScyTek Laboratories to deliver quality IHC solutions

November 11, 2020

ScyTek LaboratoriesIn celebration of International Pathology Day, Trajan Scientific and Medical (Trajan) is proud to announce a new partnership with ScyTek Laboratories (ScyTek) to deliver quality immunohistochemistry (IHC) solutions.

IHC is an important histological and immunological technique used in tumor classification and disease diagnosis, as well as treatment selection. Pathology laboratories carefully prepare patient samples on microscope slides for examination using different antibodies and stains.

With thirty years’ experience manufacturing high quality regents for the global life sciences market, the ScyTek range includes primary antibodies, stains and special stains, and ELISA reagents and components. With over 1,000 products available, ScyTek has something for every laboratory.

Trajan is focused on science that benefits people, to provide quality solutions for laboratories resulting in the best possible outcomes for patients. Trajan’s experience in complete laboratory workflow solutions, and in-depth knowledge of the interaction of microscope slide glass and surface treatments with reagents and biological tissue, ensures selection of the best partners to make a positive impact on wellbeing.

The pairing of ScyTek’s premium quality reagents with Trajan’s Series 2 and 3 adhesive microscope slides provide an ideal combination for difficult specimens, providing optimal adherence and visibility.

ScyTek’s antibodies are available both concentrated and ready-to-use for diagnostic and research use, with the full range offered via Trajan. Please contact us directly to assist you in selecting products to optimize your pathology laboratory workflow.

Share your critical pathology work using the ScyTek range and Trajan microscope slides on International Pathology Day via social media with @trajanscimed @ScyTekLab #IPD2020 #wellbeing #IHCpath #pathology.

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