Trajan completes the acquisition of LEAP PAL Parts and Consumables, LLC

Trajan completes the acquisition of LEAP PAL Parts and Consumables, LLC

January 06, 2022

On December 31, 2021 Trajan, as planned, completed the acquisition of  LEAP PAL Parts and Consumables, LLC (“LPP”) based in Raleigh North Carolina USA, taking another step forward in growing its global impact in analytical science. LPP joins Trajan with a team specialized in laboratory instrumentation and liquid handling consumables, supporting customers operating automated laboratory workflows based on the PAL** platform.

LEAP PAL Parts (LPP) has been helping customers for over 25 years. More than ten years ago, LEAP Technologies spun out its CTC Autosampler small parts and consumables operation and LPP was formed.  They carry an extensive array of CTC small parts, valves, rotors, and syringes (including their own private brand, the "L-MARK" and L-MARK Gold" brand syringe), as well as L-MARK vials and caps.

Stephen Tomisich, Trajan’s Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director stated, "Trajan acquired the business of LEAP Technologies in 2016. Originally LEAP Technologies and LPP were two parts of one business; the former developing automated workflows and providing the capital equipment solutions, the latter delivering the parts, supplies, and consumables to support those platforms. In 2010 the two were split. With the acquisition of LPP Trajan brings the two parts of that business back together again to provide an integrated and streamlined customer support capability."

"We welcome Will Plyler the leader of LPP and his team to the Trajan group. We have been impressed by LPP's customer focus and the level of responsive customer support that they provide under Will's leadership and we look forward to growing the careers of the team as part of the Trajan family."

Will Plyer stated, "I am excited that the addition of LPP to Trajan reunites the historic elements of the LEAP brand and will allow us to more holistically serve our customers throughout the entire life of an automated workflow."

** PAL is a registered trademark of CTC Analytics AG | Switzerland