hemaPEN® research use only

hemaPEN® is designed to redefine blood collection and storage, and to enable collection of samples that otherwise could or would not be collected.

Features and benefits

hemaPEN provides a minimally invasive and convenient sampling procedure for collecting four identical dried blood spot (DBS) based samples. Compared with conventional DBS sampling tools, hemaPEN delivers volumetric accuracy and precision during sample collection, thereby providing a superior sample for analyte measurement.

The contained and tamper resistant nature of hemaPEN maintains sample integrity throughout collection and storage which minimizes contamination risk and contribute to improvement in analysis.

Recommended applications

Collecting microsamples of whole blood, serum, plasma or other biological fluids for research use only.

Product specifications

hemaPEN functionality remains consistent independent of DBS substrate. Each hemaPEN is identified through a specific model number which references DBS substrate material, volume of capillaries and hemaPEN model type.

Model number Substrate Volume reference Model
D300S D* (226™) 300 = 2.74 μL S = Standard (base model)
W300S W† (903®) 300 = 2.74 μL S = Standard (base model)

* D = 226™. 226™ is a trademark of PerkinElmer, Inc or its affiliated entities. † W = 903® 100% cotton fibre supplied by Eastern Business Forms Inc. 903® is a registered trademark of Eastern Business Forms, Inc.

Technical data

Product features
Sample type Whole blood, serum, plasma or other biological fluids
Storage format Dried
Sample volumetric accuracy* 2.74 ±0.14 μL
Volumetric precision* CV <0.6% (interdevice)
Number of samples 4
Number of capillaries 4
Capillary specification Borosilicate 0.36 mm internal bore diameter
Number of pre-punched discs 4
Disc dimensions 3.5 mm diameter
Shelf life Six months

* Based on preliminary data generated by Trajan Scientific Australia Pty Ltd.

The hemaPEN is under development and the prototype device is supplied for research or investigational purposes only. This device is not for therapeutic or diagnostic use.

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