Injection Port Kits

Optimize Your Injection Port

Selecting the right injection port consumables for your instrument makes an important contribution to successful chromatography.

Features and benefits

Included in this kit are components designed to improve the performance of your GC.

There are many options for septum material, inlet liner geometry and ferrules for your injection port, this kit provides a selection of these to allow you to optimize performance for your specific application.

    Recommended applications

    GC applications.

    Product specifications

    Kit inclusions:

    • Inlet liners: Split/Splitless FocusLiner®, Split/Splitless Taper FocusLiner, Standard ConnecTite™.
    • Septa: HT and EC Grade.
    • Injection port tools.
    • Capillary cutting tool.
    • Liner removal forceps.
    • USB/thumb drive containing Liner Selection Tool.
    • SilTite® FingerTite Injection Port Starter Kit.
    • Injection port fittings.
    • 0.4 mm Ferrule x 2.
    • 0.5 mm Ferrule x 2.
    • SilTite FingerTite Nut x 1.
    • SilTite FingerTite installation tool.
    For injection systems:
    • Agilent 7890, 6890, 5890, 4890, 6850 injectors.
    • Thermo Scientific TRACE and Focus injectors.
    • PerkinElmer AutoSystems™ and Clarus 500, 600 injectors.
    • Varian/Bruker 1177 injector.
    • Shimadzu SPL-2010 and SPL-2014 injectors.


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