Nutrition testing for corporate wellness

Nutrition assessment for healthier employees

Corporate wellness companies who first offer nutrition tests will satisfy a clear demand and will enjoy a strong competitive advantage.

Trajan is ready to partner with corporate wellness providers interested in delivering nutrition test services to their corporate clients.

Nutritional tests for corporate wellness

Recent scientific evidence indicates that:

  • All adults have a higher risk of a coronary heart event if their omega-3 index is below a certain level.
  • Pregnant women have higher preterm birth risk if their omega-3 fatty acid status is not within a certain range.

This represents an opportunity for corporate wellness providers to diversify and enrich their service portfolio by offering nutrition tests to the current and new corporate clientele.

Delivering accurate and reliable nutrition testing campaigns in a corporate environment requires experience in sample collection and analytical testing procedures.We are ready to help optimize your nutrition testing activities through:

  • Design and manufacture of customized sample collection solutions.
  • Validated nutritional analytical methodologies (GC, MS) and related laboratory supplies.
  • Automated sample preparation for fast, high-throughput, low-cost nutrition testing.

Sample collection kits and cards

Nutripore dried blood spot (DBS) cardTrajan has expertise in dried blood spot technology and microsampling devices, to allow cost effective collection, transportation and storage of patient samples for your laboratory.

Dried blood spot cards (DBS) and sample collection kits can be customized with your brand and logo, or with your corporate client’s logo.

Analytical testing service

SAHMRI Trajan offers an analytical testing service for nutritional panels in the certified SAHMRI nutrition laboratory in Adelaide (Australia) with a very short turnaround time. If the SAHMRI facility is not in a suitable geographical location for your operations, we will choose a closer analytical testing laboratory equipped with Trajan methodologies and instrumentation.

Test results:
Trajan delivers a detailed test report to each employee, with easy to read interpretation guides. Trajan delivers aggregated test results of the entire community of employees, for further corporate wellness initiatives.

Collecting, storing, transporting and analyzing biological samples for nutrition testing is easy with Trajan’s solution for corporate wellness.

Just take a drop of blood, apply to our collection card and post to our lab.

A partnership with Trajan will allow you to start offering innovative nutrition tests to your corporate clients, fulfilling the fast growing demand for nutrition testing.

With our turn-key nutrition test solution developed for corporate wellness companies, we will take care of the entire workflow on your behalf.

Workflow solutions for nutritional analysis

Trajan is your partner for nutrition testing, operating globally with R&D centers, manufacturing facilities, commercial operations and customer support facilities in Australia, USA, UK, Europe, Japan and Malaysia.

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