Nutrition tests for personalized nutrition

For healthier consumers of supplements and nutraceuticals

Innovative food and supplement producers are creating nutrition test campaigns to better understand the specific nutritional needs of consumers. Personalized diet solutions are then established based on the results of these tests.

This applies both to healthy consumers or those with specific nutritional needs such as pregnant women, infants, the elderly, and patients with metabolic or cardiovascular diseases.

Delivering personalized nutrition

Trajan is ready to partner with food and supplement companies interested in launching personalized nutrition campaigns for their customers.

Trajan partners with food and supplement companies for the design and set-up of their personalized nutrition testing activities, through:

  • Co-design and manufacture of customized sample collection kits.
  • Co-design and execution of nutrition test campaigns.
  • Management of analytical test requirements.
  • Set-up and optimization of nutrition laboratories.
  • Design of dedicated nutritional analytical methodologies (GC, MS).
  • Automated sample preparation and injection instruments for fast, high-throughput, low-cost nutrition testing.

Our nutrition test experts will help you to design nutrition test campaigns. We will provide you with customized kits, and analytical data, through our testing lab or partner laboratories.

Sample collection kits and cards

Nutripore dried blood spot (DBS) cardTrajan has expertise in dried blood spot (DBS) technology, which allows members to be tested less invasively and safely. After sample collection, DBS cards can be simply shipped via mail to our laboratories.

DBS cards and sample collection kits can be customized with your branding and logo.

Analytical testing service

SAHMRI Trajan offers an analytical testing service for nutritional panels in the certified SAHMRI nutrition laboratory in Adelaide (Australia) with a very short turnaround time. If the SAHMRI facility is not in a suitable geographical location for your operations, we will choose a closer analytical testing laboratory equipped with Trajan methodologies and instrumentation.

Collecting, storing, transporting and analyzing biological samples for personalized nutrition campaigns is easy with Trajan solutions for food and supplements companies.

Your customer will be offered an easy to use kit to take a drop of blood, apply to our collection card and post to our lab.

Trajan will provide a turn-key solution allowing you to offer innovative nutrition tests to your customers, fulfilling the fast-growing demand for personalized nutrition testing.

We will take care of the entire workflow on your behalf.

Workflow solutions for nutritional analysis

Trajan is your partner for nutrition testing, operating globally with R&D centers, manufacturing facilities, commercial operations and customer support facilities in Australia, USA, UK, Europe, Japan and Malaysia.

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