Nutrition tests for research and clinical trials

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Nutrition studies can require thousands of subjects with associated nutrition tests, to provide an evidence data-base that is significant and reliable.

Research in nutrition science is becoming increasingly important. Research studies and clinical trials investigating the impact of nutrition on diseases and possible preventions require the highest level of evidence. 

Nutritional tests for research and clinical trials

Clinical trials and large cohort studies can involve thousands of subjects with nutrition testing at multiple time-points to provide a data-base large enough to yield reliable answers.

Accurate nutrition testing requires robust sample collection methods and accurate testing in laboratories specializing in high-throughput automated nutritional analyses.

We are ready to help optimize your nutrition research activities through:

  • Design of nutrition research projects and clinical trials.
  • Unique collection systems that are robust and reliable including dried blood spot technology.
  • Validation of nutrition tests for your samples.
  • Manufacture of customized sample collection kits.
  • Set up and optimization of nutrition laboratories.
  • Design of dedicated nutritional analytical methodologies (GC, MS) - optimization of nutrition test protocols.
  • Automated sample preparation and injection instruments for fast, high throughput, low cost nutrition testing.

Sample collection kits and cards

Nutripore dried blood spot (DBS) cardTrajan has expertise in dried blood spot technology and microsampling devices, to allow cost effective collection, transportation and storage of patient samples for your laboratory. Alternatively, after sample collection, DBS cards can be simply shipped via mail to our laboratories.

DBS cards and sample collection kits can be customized with your brand and logo, or with your corporate client’s logo.

Automation platforms 

In order to cope with the growing demand of nutrition tests, Trajan offers customized instruments for automated extraction, derivatization and sample injection, improving sample throughput and overall laboratory efficiency. Our instruments come complete with service agreements, installation, commissioning and training.

Learn more about Nutrition automation systems

Analytical test development and testing services

SAHMRITrajan offers a service for the development of nutritional testing panels in a certified SAHMRI nutrition laboratory in Adelaide (Australia). Samples can be delivered in either DBS format or as frozen liquids.

Trajan also offers an analytical testing service with a very short turnaround time. If the SAHMRI facility is not in a suitable geographical location for your operations, we will choose a closer analytical testing laboratory equipped with Trajan methodologies and instrumentation.

Collecting, storing, transporting and analyzing biological samples is easy with Trajan Nutrition solutions for scientific research and clinical trials.

Just take a drop of blood, apply to your personalized collection system and post to the lab.

A partnership with Trajan will allow you to develop nutrition testing systems for research and clinical trials. Consult us when designing your next research project or optimizing your ongoing nutrition test activities.

We will take care of the entire workflow on your behalf.

Workflow solutions for nutritional analysis

Trajan is your partner for nutrition testing, operating globally with R&D centers, manufacturing facilities, commercial operations and customer support facilities in Australia, USA, UK, Europe, Japan and Malaysia.

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