Packed Column Moisture Traps

Protect Your GC Column

Gas purifiers are an essential part of your GC analysis. Without the appropriate gas purifier, problems such as noisy baselines, moisture entering GC column, excessive bleed, reduced column lifetime and irreproducible results will occur. These problems are created by hydrocarbons, moisture and oxygen in the carrier gases.

Features and benefits

  • Up to 6 grams water is removed to low ppb levels.
  • The adsorbing materials are Molecular Sieve 5A and cobalt-free CoFree indicator, held in a sturdy glass tube.
  • The gas to be purified contacts only glass, metal and the adsorbents. CoFree changes color from orange to green at about 5% relative humidity to signal depletion; the molecular sieve removes moisture to trace levels.
  • The glass tube is sealed with a special dual sealing system for extra protection from leaks.
  • An internal frit at each end prevents particulate contamination.
  • The inner glass tube is enclosed in a plastic outer tube for safety.

Recommended applications

These are gas filters for applications requiring high-efficiency moisture removal, with the benefit of a depletion indicator.

Product specifications

  • Dimensions: 3.5 cm x 26 cm
  • Maximum operating pressure 6.8 bar (100 psig)
  • Fitting sizes: 1/8", 1/4"


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