PEEKTite Ti-Lok EXP UHPLC Fittings

Uncomplicated and Reliable UHPLC Connections

Finger tight nut and ferrule system specifically designed for use with PEEKsil® tubing, for both HPLC and UHPLC applications up to 18,000 psi (1,240 bar).

Features and benefits

  • Designed and validated by PEEKsil manufacturer for use with PEEKsil tubing to maximize the performance of your UHPLC system delivering an inert flow path and ultra high pressure performance up to 18,000 psi (1,240 bar).
  • Compact in size allowing for use in port configurations where space is a premium (e.g. injection valve).
  • Easy to install and leak-free, using the PEEKTite FingerTite tool.
  • Fittings can be loosened and retightened for repeat use with any length of PEEKsil tubing.
  • Zero dead volume for optimal peak shapes.

Recommended applications


Product specifications

PEEKTite Ti-Lok EXP UHPLC fittings are designed for use with:

  • 1/32 " (0.79 mm) OD PEEKsil tubing in 6-32 and 6-40 port configurations.
  • 1/16 " (1.6 mm) OD PEEKsil tubing in 10-32 port configurations.

PEEKsil is available in a variety of lengths and internal diameters catering for a wide range of system configurations and flow requirements.

PEEKsil specifications

  • ID: 25 µm to 530 µm
  • OD: 1/32", 1/16" and 0.36 mm
  • Tubing lengths: 50, 100, 150, 250, 500 mm. Custom lengths are also available on request.
  • Maximum temperature: 100ºC

PEEKsil ID tolerances for 1/32" and 1/16" tubing and colors

ID Tolerance Color code
25 µm ±1 µm Orange
50 µm ±3 µm Beige (Natural)
75 µm ±3 µm Black
100 µm ±3 µm Red
150 µm ±5 µm Purple
175 µm ±5 µm Yellow
200 µm ±5 µm Blue
300 µm ±5 µm Grey
530 µm ±10 µm Bone White


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