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Advanced precision microsampling

hemaPEN provides a convenient sampling procedure for collection and storage of four dried blood spot (DBS) samples to drive information-rich decision making.

Unlike conventional DBS sampling tools, hemaPEN enables collection of an accurate and precise fixed micro-volume, and is designed to maintain sample integrity for quantitative analysis.

An easy-to-use sophisticated microsampling tool in the hands of non-analysts.

Features and benefits

  • Pen-like design for intuitive use.
  • Ability to collect blood from any source.
  • Capillary-based technology enables autonomous accurate fixed volume collection.
  • Four replicate samples from a single source.
  • Eliminates analytically relevant hematocrit bias.
  • Single-use and tamper-resistant.
  • Contained sample to minimize contamination.
  • Consistent sample drying profile.
  • Dried format for simplified storage and logistics.
  • Samples integrated directly into analytical workflow.
  • Sample cartridge compatible with standard 96-/24-well plates.
  • 2D barcode and individual device serial number for traceability and chain of custody.
  • Space available for customized laboratory labelling.

Recommended applications

  • Quantitative analysis
  • Small volume sampling
  • Frequent sampling
  • Remote sampling
  • Blood sampling

Product specifications

hemaPEN functionality remains consistent independent of substrate. Each hemaPEN is identified through a specific model number which references substrate material, volume of capillaries and hemaPEN model type.

Substrate Volume reference Model Model number
D* = 226™ 300 = 2.74 μL S = Standard (base model) D300S
W† = 903® 300 = 2.74 μL S = Standard (base model) W300S

Technical data

Product features
Sample type Whole blood
Storage format Dried
Sample volumetric accuracy 2.74 μL ±5% (0.14 μL)
Volumetric precision CV <2.5% (interdevice)
Number of samples collected 4
Capillary specification K2 EDTA-coated borosilicate Type 1 USP
Substrate dimensions 3.5 mm diameter
Substrate 226™ or 903®
Shelf life One year
Material and colors
Product color White main body, a clear plastic tip and base and a green indicator stripe
Units/pack Provided as a single unit per pack
Pack dimensions 160 mm x 230 mm x 50 mm

*226™ supplied by PerkinElmer Pty Ltd. 226™ is a trademark of PerkinElmer, Inc or its affiliated entities. †903® 100% cotton fiber supplied by Eastern Business Forms, Inc. 903® is a registered trademark of Eastern Business Forms, Inc.


More information about hemaPEN

hemaPEN® is supplied for therapeutic or IVD use in Australia, New Zealand, UK, EU and USA only: ARTG number: 280007; CE mark, general IVD; US FDA number: D410490. Outside of the territories listed above, the hemaPEN is supplied for research purposes only and not for therapeutic or diagnostic use.

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