Septa, caps and liners

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Septa, caps and liners

Septa, caps and liners play a key role in the storage and preparation of samples. They securely seal samples from the external environment while simultaneously allowing injection by sampling needles. There are a wide array of factors that determine which septa are most suited to your application. Important considerations include:

  • Type of sample
  • Temperature range used in application
  • Number of injections required for application
  • Requirements for automation

Taking these factors into account allows selection of the best septa material, thickness, slit, and cap to most effectively preserve the integrity of your sample, as well as the most suitable cap for your application and automation requirements.

Trajan is an expert in the analytical industry, supplying products to clients in Europe, the Americas, Asia and Australia. We offer one of the largest ranges of septa, caps and liners, allowing you to tailor your selection of septa and caps to the specific needs of your application, maximizing the security and integrity of your samples.

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