SilTite GC Ferrules

SilTite® metal ferrules have been developed specifically to overcome the problems associated with the use of 100% graphite and composite ferrules. SilTite ferrules form a strong and permanent airtight seal around the capillary column and have a temperature limit well above the temperature capacity of the injector, MS interface or GC oven. The metal SilTite ferrule together with the metal nut have the same coefficient of thermal expansion. The ferrule and nut expand and contract at the same rate eliminating any chance of annoying leaks. The nut does not need to be re-tightened after initial temperature cycles.

Features and benefits

  • Strong seal on capillary columns - reduced air background.
  • No contamination - cleaner spectra.
  • Leak free - nut does not need re-tightening after initial temperature cycles.

Recommended applications

MS interfaces.

Product specifications

Kits available for Agilent, PerkinElmer, Shimadzu, Thermo Scientific, and Varian/Bruker GC-MS systems.


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