Analytical services

Analytical workflow solutions for health monitoring and prevention

We provide advanced analytical health and wellness monitoring solutions, encompassing the technology, know-how and services to deliver precise, accessible and frequent data, ultimately providing tangible insights into health and wellbeing.

We have analytical workflows suitable for a wide range of health industries, research and consumers.

Research analytical services

Clinical trials and large cohort studies can involve thousands of subjects with testing across multiple time-points to provide adequate data. Participant compliance in these studies is often low due to the need for frequent, invasive blood biomarker monitoring.

The combination of Trajan’s microsampling devices to facilitate remote sampling outside of a clinical setting, our high precision consumables and automated solutions allow us to provide a quality service for clinical research studies. Our analytical services are developed across GC-MS, LC-MS, immunoassay, and enzymatic methodologies. We provide monitoring of blood biomarkers focused on key areas of preventative health, such as cardiovascular disease, nutrition, inflammation, and diabetes.

Let us help you improve the outcome of your clinical research studies with easy, accurate and frequent monitoring of key health biomarkers.

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MonitorYou® Monitor You - Journey to better health - by Trajan

MonitorYou® is an ISO 15189 accredited service in Australia offered by Trajan, focused on empowering people to actively monitor their health and wellbeing.

At Trajan, we understand the demand for health monitoring services is increasing across the globe driven by people wanting to maintain and improve their health. That’s why we’ve created MonitorYou, a unique service that drives engagement and health ownership to create lasting health improvements. We realize that one of the greatest factors that can impact people’s health is their own lifestyle and dietary habits. By monitoring changes to key biomarkers, individuals will be informed to understand how different lifestyle choices may reduce their risk of developing disease.

MonitorYou services include healthy heart and omega-3 nutrition monitoring, which individuals can access online or through a corporate wellness program.

If you are interested in partnering with Trajan to offer the MonitorYou service please contact the MonitorYou service team.

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