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Microscope slides

What are the different types of microscope slide coatings?

Series 1 Adhesive and Series 1 Advanced Adhesive microscope slides are “positively charged slides”. These coatings are made from amino silane and create a covalent (strong) bond with tissue samples.

Series 2 Adhesive and Series 3 Adhesive microscope slides are termed “hydrophilic slides”. These have specialized proprietary coating with fortified adhesion and decreased background staining, best suited to tissues which are difficult to adhere (including breast, skin, and bone).

What color frosting is available on microscope slides?

Series 1: White, Yellow, Pink, Blue, Green and Orange.

Series 2 and Series 3: White, Yellow, Pink, Blue and Green.

What are the sizes of the frosted ends on microscope slides?

Series 1: 20 mm from short edge

Series 2 Frosted: 20 mm from short edge

Series 2 Adhesive: 20 mm from short edge

Series 3: 20 mm from short edge

What are the different types of microscope slide edges and corners?

Plain edges or cut edges with plain corners – all edges of the slide are left raw.

45° ground edges – sides of the slide have been ground at a 45° angle, with clipped corners.

90° ground edges – sides of the slide have been ground but left at a 90° angle.

90° ground edges with clipped corners – sides of the slide have been ground but left at a 90° angle, with clipped corners.

How should microscope slides be stored?

Microscope slides should be stored in a dry and clean environment between temperatures 2°-30°C (35°- 85°F).

They should not be subjected to large variations in temperature or humidity.

They should be kept off concrete floors and kept as far away from doors, heaters and air-conditioning ducts to minimize exposure to extreme temperature and humidity changes.

Use older product first using the first in, first out (FIFO) system.

What are the benefits of Trajan adhesive slides?

Series 1 Advanced Adhesive – have minimal auto-fluorescence, these slides can be used for in situ hybridization (ISH) based applications.

Series 2 Adhesive – superior adhesion for fatty tissue with reduced background staining, particularly suited for breast tissue.

Series 3 Adhesive – extra adhesion for difficult and dense tissues, such as bone.

Are Trajan microscope slides certified?

Yes, Trajan selects manufacturers that operate a Quality Management System, independently certified to ISO9001 and/or ISO13485.

IOS8037/1 Optics and optical instruments – Microscope slides – Part 1: Dimensions, optical properties and marking

ISO8255/1 Optics and optical instruments – Microscope cover glass – Part 1: Dimensional tolerances, thickness and optical properties

Trajan slides and coverslips are CE marked, TGA and FDA registered.


What coverslip shapes are available?

Coverslips are available in round (circle), rectangular and square dimensions.

Can your coverslips be used with automated coverslippers?

A selection of our Series 1 coverslips are recommended for use with conventional coverslippers as they conform to requisite specifications and are specially treated to avoid sticking together.

See Series 1 No. 1 Coverslips - for Coverslippers.

MiPlatform smartphone adapter for microscopes

Does MiPlatform fit all mobile phones?

MiPlatform has been designed and tested to accommodate both small and large format smartphones.

Dimensions (assembled): ~246 mm x 155 mm x 61 mm
Fits smartphones up to: ~160 mm x 116 mm x 61 mm (compatibility depends on camera lens position on back of phone)

See smartphone adapters for microscopes.

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