CERTUS FLEX microvalve cleaning kit

Part number: CERT.21986

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Valve cleaning kit for CERTUS FLEX liquid dispensers

The CERTUS FLEX microvalve cleaning kit enables the backflushing and detailed cleaning of CERTUS FLEX liquid dispenser valves.

The microvalve is placed in the valve holder (1) where it can be backflushed using a syringe (2) to push any particles in reverse. The PEEK Luer Lock adapters (3) allow easy changes from syringes to tubing (4), which enables the tool to be used in a sonicating bath for a more intense clean. The kit also comes with a Torx key (T10).

Product specifications

Kit: Valve holder, 2 x syringes, 2 x PEEK Luer Lock adapters, tubing, Torx key.