Trajan Accelerator Model

Trajan Accelerator provides a collaborative model targeting early stage enterprises sharing Trajan’s vision to positively impact human wellbeing through the application of science into society.

How it works

Trajan establishes a minority equity position in the Accelerator Company through financial and in-kind support to facilitate growth.

The Accelerator Company and its staff become part of the Trajan group, while retaining a majority share and its identity.

Through access to Trajan’s corporate support services, the Accelerator Company is able to focus on its passion, while Trajan facilitates growth and whole business support, for example through marketing, commercialization, compliance, HR, global supply chain, manufacturing, R&D and broad technical expertise.

  • Long-term partnership for growth, not short term financial gain or exit strategies
  • Ability to focus on core activities with Trajan's support
  • Assistance through the start-up phase where many fail through lack of direction and support
  • Make a positive impact on human wellbeing with Trajan
  • Access to Trajan's internal and external collaborative networks (see Partnerships)
  • Enhance prospects of attracting significant capital for large scale growth
  • If you would like to become a Trajan Accelerator Company, please send an expression of interest, then workshops may be undertaken to cover the following steps:

    • Determine vision fit
    • Determine people fit
    • Develop and clarify long-term business definition
    • Establish equity positions
    • Draft the plan
    • Agree on terms
  • If you're interested in participating in Trajan Accelerator please fill out this form so we can discuss your opportunity.

    Trajan Scientific and Medical is committed to protecting your privacy. The personal information which you provide to us will be collected, processed, used and stored in accordance with our privacy and security policy published on our website

  • Brochure - Trajan Accelerator [PDF]