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Strategic direction

Strategic direction

strategic_direction strategic_direction

Making an impact on human wellbeing

Our biology, the environment in which we exist, and the food we consume can all influence our wellbeing.

These are Trajan’s target markets; where analytical measurement quality can impact human wellbeing.

Driven by impact and purpose.

We pursue opportunities not by ‘the numbers’ but rather by discovering where Trajan can deliver impact. ‘Impact and purpose’ effectively equates to ‘doing good’ to benefit people. That’s how Trajan delivers value.

Where we deliver impact

It's about you...

We live in a world where the opportunity to better understand our personal health and wellbeing is changing.

We are learning that there really is no such condition as ‘normal’ as determined by population averages but rather it’s become personalized. It’s more important to know what is ‘normal for you’.

We are amongst the first generations to have the capability to understand our individual genetic makeup and therefore our potential susceptibility to certain hereditary conditions.

But our wellbeing and future health prospects aren’t just about genetics, it’s also about lifestyle. Where you live, the environment that surrounds you and the food that you consume can all play a role in determining your health outcome.

Behind the scenes there is a subtle change in the development and deployment of science that is making all of this possible. It’s about measurement. Ultimately it is about measuring you.


The future of healthcare is data based

Quality of data measurements impact the quality of health information.

Increasingly healthcare decisions will be based on such measurements. Not just one measurement at a single point in time, but rather many measurements, over time, and/or across populations. Our focus is on delivering products and services that improve scientific measurement quality.

Analytical heading towards clinical.

Analytical techniques such a chromatography and mass spectrometry are increasingly being deployed towards clinical applications. The traditional application areas for LCMS and GCMS, such as environmental and food analysis will increase in importance with the growth of ‘exposure science’ or ‘bio-monitoring’.

These technologies enable the detection and measurement of such a diverse range of targets; from the proteins in our body and their function, to the outputs of our metabolic processes, to the presence and level of critical ‘biomarkers’ in blood through to the detection of toxic pollutants and contaminants in our biology, food and the environment.

Focus on ‘pre-analytical’ processes.

The steps that precede sample measurement by an analytical system including sample or specimen collection, transport, processing or preparation and ultimately some form of physical interface or introduction to an analytical measurement platform present the greatest opportunity for the improvement of result quality.


From technology development, to providers for society

Collaboration and technical alignment.

Trajan has experience in identifying opportunities and leveraging combined expertise with industry and academic partners. To support new technology development, our commercial operations encompass supply chain management, project management, product commercialization, marketing, design and communications, account management, distribution and sales support, and customer service.

We leverage collaborative initiatives to accelerate our technology pipeline, drive commercialization and deliver impact.

technology technology

All the pieces come together to deliver impact.

As we consider the new technology developments it starts to become clear how Trajan, from sample collection and processing through to analysis and automation can start to improve the quality and volume of analytical measurements that can impact the quality of human life.

But what comes next?

The story thus far is about the devices, the physical tools, that enable the generation of better quality data. Our view is that over the longer term the value delivery will morph from the tools, to the data and ultimately to information through AI tools.