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Trajan Scientific and Medical

Making an impact on human wellbeing

Through design, manufacture and marketing of scientific and medical devices

Strategic Direction

Our Vision

The world of analytical and medical science is on a journey – from laboratory to sample source and ultimately into the home, informing the individual.

Trajan aspires to bring together a range of global businesses in the fields of scientific and medical analysis that have a common bond; that they each service this direction in some way.

Our focus is on developing and commercializing technologies that enable analytical systems to be more selective, sensitive and specific for biological, environmental or food related measurements especially those that can lead to portability, miniaturization and affordability.

Our Mission

Our vision revolves around partnerships: development partnerships to invest in leading technologies and commercial partnerships to deliver breakthrough solutions to the world.



A Future View

Bringing the sample and analysis from the laboratory into the home and closer to the individual


Today, most analytical needs are delivered by quality professionals in scientific laboratories who are trained to use highly sophisticated instruments.

As technology becomes more powerful, portable and affordable we foresee many more measurements being done at the source, the origin of the sample; be it a food transport vehicle, river stream or a clinical patient.

But ultimately analytical measurements are performed to service people, society. The computational power available even today to individuals through smart devices, and the desire of all of us to know more about our wellbeing and the environment in which we live, we believe will ultimately lead to science in the home: Personalized Measurement.


Personalized measurement will give individuals the power of knowledge. By measuring health and wellbeing indicators and 'direct sampling' by the individual they will increasingly become a primary source of analytical information.

Ironically, we also foresee that future trend, in itself, will increase the need for laboratory-based research and measurements.

So while Trajan anticipates where the future of science could head; we also foresee maintaining our solid foundation servicing analytical and medical laboratories and companies with leading consumable and component products.

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