Trajan Automation incorporates over 25 years experience from LEAP Technologies and Trajan LEAP PAL Parts and Consumables, plus over 40 years of Axel Semrau, in the distribution and development of system solutions for chromatography and mass spectrometry.

We are the ideal partner for analytical, life science or diagnostic laboratory automation needs. We enhance and optimize workflows, such as our HDX (Hydrogen Deuterium Exchange CTC Analytics based PAL3 platform).

We automate the entire process of preparation of samples and standards in an environmentally and temperature controlled environment, then introducing the accurately and precisely prepared samples to your high performance mass spectrometer of choice.

We have a variety of automated preparative or sample collection solutions, and are available for consultation to generate custom solutions for your laboratory needs.


Trajan LEAP PAL Parts + Consumables


Axel Semrau solutions


Key partners

Our key partners in automation solutions include CTC Analytics, Gyger Nano/Microliter Dispensing systems and Matrix Fluidix.

As the North American Value Added Reseller for CTC Analytics PAL, we are experts in recommending and installing the CTC PAL platform for seamless integration into laboratory operations.

We collaborate with Matrix Fluidix, to leverage their specialized knowledge and resources to provide service and support for our workflow solutions including CERTUS FLEX microdispensers, manufactured in Switzerland by Gyger.

We create value for our partners’ technology platforms to enable better measurements to enhance laboratory efficiency and advance diagnostic processes.

 GygerMatrix Fluidix