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Trajan investigates new technologies, applications and manufacturing methods by connecting with academic, clinical and industry organizations. The cross pollination of ideas and expertise results in better outcomes for all involved.

We also engage in a range of other organizations and industry partnerships, and are affiliated with professional groups and associations.

Industrial Transformation Training Centres

Industrial Transformation Training Centres


ARC CPTT - ARC Training Centre for Personalised Therapeutics Technologies aims to advance and deploy new technologies that will remove long-standing barriers to new drug discovery and development, and excitingly, provide opportunities for highly effective personalized treatments.

Headquartered at the Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics at the University of Melbourne, the center brings together the University of Melbourne, Monash University, University of Western Australia, and 17 partner organizations in government and industry.

ARC CPTT is training a new generation of enterprising biomedical researchers. It aims to transform the medical technologies and pharmaceutical (MTP) industry’s access to emergent technologies that enable accelerated translation of discoveries into benefits for end users.

ARC Training Centre for Portable Analytical Separation Technologies

The ARC Training Centre for Portable Analytical Separation Technologies (ASTech) developed new capabilities and technologies that have the potential to progress the deployment of portable separation science systems into society, as well as training the next generation of industry-ready researchers.

Active collaborations

Active collaborations

HDX training centre

Trajan and Monash University are developing an HDX (Hydrogen Deuterium Exchange) training centre at Monash University's Proteomics and Metabolomics Facility (MPMF). This collaboration will provide the university with access to a Trajan HDX system and allow Trajan to provide HDX training to the proteomics community in the region.

Next generation emitter tips

Trajan and Queen’s University (Queens), Kingston, Canada, via PARTEQ Innovations, the University’s technology transfer organization; and Université Laval’s Center for Optics, Photonics and Lasers (COPL), Québec City, Canada; are collaborating to develop the next generation of emitter tips for the mass spectrometry industry.

Industry projects at the University of Melbourne

Trajan is pleased to collaborate with the Faculty of Science at the University of Melbourne to support industry projects offered to final year students enrolled in the Master of Biotechnology. For example, one project delves into the pros and cons of adopting whole slide imaging (WSI) and digital pathology.

Past collaborations

Past collaborations


Trajan has engaged in various projects with the Australian Centre for Research on Separation Science (ACROSS), a strategic alignment among key researchers at the University of Tasmania, RMIT University and the University of Western Sydney.

The University of Adelaide

Trajan’s strategic collaboration with the University of Adelaide's Institute for Photonics and Advanced Sensing was supported by the South Australian Government, and saw the realization of a research and development and manufacturing hub based on a new generation of specialty glass products for the global science and medical equipment market.

Future Industries Institute

Trajan identified unique technology, equipment and technical talent at the University of South Australia (UniSA) that would benefit the mass spectrometer electrospray market.

Trajan has worked closely with the Future Industries Institute (FII) at UniSA on prototyping, and scaling a range of resultant products for manufacture for to service the global market. The project was partly funded by an FII Accelerator grant supported by the South Australian Government.

Trajan also worked with FII on microbiopsy development.

Monash Histology Platform

Monash Histology Platform (MHP) is a world class, full service histology laboratory. Trajan worked with MHP to better understand how microscope slide design and surface treatments can impact the quality of the diagnostic process.

By leveraging MHP's expertise in a wide range of histological techniques, Trajan's microscope slides could be independently evaluated for efficacy of cell adhesion for 'difficult to process' tissue such as breast, skin and bone samples.

Trajan advanced manufacturing workshop

Monash University attended a workshop at Trajan to discuss collaborative projects in developing new advanced manufacturing techniques.

RMIT University

Trajan has facilitated student placements as part of RMIT's Bachelor of Biotechnology. For example, one project focused on developing faster analysis in proteomics by a novel approach to immobilize proteins or enzymes on a solid support prior to in-line analysis using an HPLC-MS system.


Trajan is working with UniQuest, University of Queensland (UQ) to develop and commercialize devices for microsampling human tissue.