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Centre for Personalised Therapeutics Technologies

The ARC Training Centre for Personalised Therapeutics Technologies (ARC CPTT) aims to advance and deploy new technologies that will remove long-standing barriers to new drug discovery and development, and excitingly, provide opportunities for highly effective personalised treatments.

Headquartered at the Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics at the University of Melbourne, the center brings together the University of Melbourne, Monash University, University of Western Australia, and 17 partner organizations in government and industry.

ARC CPTT is training a new generation of enterprising biomedical researchers. It aims to transform the medical technologies and pharmaceutical (MTP) industry’s access to emergent technologies that enable accelerated translation of discoveries into benefits for end users.

  • Trajan is one of 17 partner organizations.
  • Part funded by the Australian Government through the Australian Research Council Industrial Transformation Research Program.

Research themes

ARC CPTT brings together the expertise needed to develop breakthrough enabling technology for new industrial applications of cell/organ-on-a-chip technology, including the use of 3D bioprinting technologies. The combination of new microfluidics-based/real-time technologies and the use of individual patient’s cellular and molecular research findings will provide technology platforms that enable personalized diagnostic and therapeutic decisions.

The Training Centre research themes are built around three industry needs:

  1. New real-time cell/organoid assay technologies to validate drug lead qualification
  2. Mechanistic, diagnostic, and therapeutic precision medicine developments using organoids
  3. Bioprinting using gene-edited cells and micro-tissues to develop precision disease modelling

Research opportunities

The industrial transformation training center brings together some of Australia’s brightest early career researchers in the biotech field to train under the nation’s foremost scientists. Significant opportunities are available, including PhD scholarships and opportunities to develop end-user driven research projects.

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Partnership opportunities

ARC CPTT’s research in mechanistic, diagnostic, and therapeutic precision medicine complements Trajan’s strategic direction to improve human wellbeing through analytical measurements - which play an increasingly important role in producing meaningful and reliable data to inform healthcare.

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