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Trajan Scientific and Medical's purpose

Science thatbenefits people

In July 2011 the idea of Trajan was born, to create an enterprise to translate analytical science in tangible ways to directly benefit society.

Our aim is to enrich personal health through scientific tools and solutions.

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What we do, is about you

Scientific measurement is important to human wellbeing 

We live in a world where the opportunity to better understand our personal health and wellbeing is changing.

Where and how we live, what we consume, and how our biology responds determines our wellbeing.

Increasingly, scientific measurement allows us to develop our understanding of those factors.



Trajan is a global provider of engineered components and analytical technologies with a strong background in chromatography and mass spectrometry. These technologies enable measurements in biology, food and the environment.

We are a key partner in producing critical components and materials for analytical workflow and measurement. Our aim is to design and deliver a portfolio of analytical tools to enable best practice laboratory performance, enhancing confidence in result quality.


Life sciences

Trajan's life science solutions span the development of medical devices for microsample collection, premium pathology products, precision components for mass spectrometry, and automated workflow solutions.

We enhance and optimize workflows with a variety of automated preparative or sample collection systems ready to integrate into laboratories, or generate custom solutions for life science research and development.


The future of healthcare is data based

Workingtogether across the workflow

Everything we do impacts the sample.

It is the physical devices, components, and consumable items that touch or interact with the sample that can have the greatest impact on measurement or result quality.

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