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Please be aware, we are currently investigating the 1 mL eVol syringe calibration process. We have recently identified that the fractional dispensing feature is not meeting our precision and accuracy specifications. Our investigation is ongoing and we will notify you with any further updates in due course. If you would like to speak to one of our customer service team regarding the issue, please contact us at info@trajanscimed.com.

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eVol® xr digital analytical syringe is the coupling of two precision devices: a digitally controlled electronic drive and an XCHANGE® enabled analytical syringe.

eVol xr syringes are easily and quickly changed allowing them to be dedicated to individual liquids or methods to prevent possible cross-contamination of reagents.

Features and benefits

  • Suitable for use with volatile samples.
  • Variable speed of operation.
  • Easily calibrated and calibration factors saved for each syringe, enabling laboratories to comply with stringent global laboratory standards (e.g. GLP, GMP, FDA).
  • Programmable and able to store a laboratory workflow (up to 98 steps).
  • Password protection options enabling standardization of work processes.
  • Reduces the need for serial dilutions.

Recommended applications

  • Preparation and addition of standards.
  • Precise dispensing of aqueous and non-aqueous liquids.
  • TLC spotting.
  • Micro titrations.
  • GC and LC instrument injections.
  • NMR sample preparation.
  • MEPS®

Product specifications

eVol xr Starter Kit includes:

  • Handle.
  • Charger.
  • Stand.
  • 3 eVol xr syringes with 5 cm bevel tipped needles: 5 µL, 100 µL and 1 mL.

eVol xr Starter Kit for NMR includes:

  • Handle.
  • Charger.
  • Stand.
  • 3 eVol xr syringes with bevel tipped needles: 5 µL with 11.5 cm needle, 50 µL with 11.5 cm and 18 cm needles, and 500 µL with 11.5 cm and 18 cm needles.


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