Selection Guide - GC septa


  • Instrument
  • Size
  • Material – Low bleed, soft, long lasting

Septa types

GP Grade EC Grade MN Grade HT Grade Enduro Blue
GP Grade Septa EC Grade Septa MN Grade Septa HT Grade Septa Enduro Blue Septa
Low temperature applications Combines significantly longer injection life, low bleed and low injection port adhesion. Premium septum for autosamplers. Up to 400 injections per septum. Bleed and temperature optimized, combined with outstanding mechanical properties for the highest temperature applications. Retains softness and pierceability at high temperatures, and low injection port adhesion. For Shimadzu GCs
Material  Silicone  High temperature silicone  High temperature silicone  BTO silicone  High temperature silicone
Durability  Good  Excellent  Excellent  Excellent  Excellent
Resealing  Good  Excellent  Excellent  Excellent  Excellent
Solvent resistance  Excellent  Excellent  Excellent  Excellent  Excellent
Tear resistance  Good  Excellent  Excellent  Excellent  Excellent
Maximum temperature  275°C  350°C, 300°C for 17 mm size  350°C, 300°C for 17 mm size  400°C, 330°C for 17 mm size  350°C