Neoteryx, LLC now part of Trajan Scientific and Medical

Neoteryx, LLC now part of Trajan Scientific and Medical

January 06, 2022

Many of us would say that 2021 was a challenging year.  For Trajan though it was marked by a successful IPO on the ASX in June, followed by several acquisitions and equity investments.  As well as finalizing the previously announced acquisition of LEAP PAL Parts LLC in the last days of the year. On December 30, 2021 Trajan also completed the acquisition of Neoteryx, LLC (“Neoteryx”), a global leader in blood microsampling devices based in Torrance, California, USA, (

Neoteryx’s leading product line, Mitra®, is based on patented VAMS® (Volumetric Absorptive Micro-sampling) technology and is highly complementary to our own hemaPEN®.

Stephen Tomisich, Trajan founder and CEO stated. “This acquisition will mark the moment that Trajan changed gear in driving the global commercialization and adoption of microsampling at scale. Remote sampling is an essential element in progressing personalized, preventative and data-based healthcare. We are building our device portfolio and the marriage with Neoteryx, brings together the hemaPEN® format, Mitra®, VAMS® and soon our micro-biopsy device for skin sampling.”

“Importantly we are also building the tools around the entire workflow, from consumer portals to laboratory automation, through to the laboratory function itself. As a result of this transaction, we expect to see a meaningful acceleration of the microsampling portfolio’s contribution to growth over the next 3-5 years.”

Bringing Neoteryx under the Trajan banner isn’t just about the device or products it is also about the global Neoteryx team. It’s a dynamic leadership group based in the USA, UK and Europe with a combined 50 years of experience in microsampling commercialization, and strong backgrounds in chromatography and sample preparation.

Stephen Tomisich will step into an acting CEO role for Neoteryx. Mr Fasha Mahjoor, Neoteryx’s Founder and CEO, will step down from his executive role, however, as a result of this transaction he will become a Trajan Group Holdings Limited (ASX: TRJ) shareholder.

The Trajan team is looking forward to working with their new colleagues and continuing to pursue science-based and decentralized health care systems to deliver better health outcomes for society.