Trajan acquires personalised blood testing business to strengthen move into data-based preventative healthcare

Trajan acquires personalised blood testing business to strengthen move into data-based preventative healthcare

April 16, 2021

Trajan Scientific and Medical (Trajan) has completed the acquisition of the MyHealthTest blood testing service for an undisclosed sum. The acquisition further boosts Trajan’s ability to deliver analytical measurement services to society at a time when preventative healthcare strategies are becoming increasingly important.

Trajan is a privately owned Australian company that provides analytical and life science instruments, devices, and components to enable more selective, sensitive and specific measurement and analysis of biological, environmental and food samples.

MyHealthTest is a Canberra-based Australian healthcare company that delivers analytical measurement services to society, allowing people to proactively work towards managing their own wellbeing.

MyHealthTest has expertise in dried blood spot (DBS) technology, an incredibly useful tool for the remote testing of the health of a population because it allows people to take samples of their own blood at home or in the workplace for analysis at MyHealthTest’s pathology laboratory which is currently located in Canberra.  MyHealthTest has existing commercial DBS tests for diabetes and thyroid.

Trajan will combine its Trajan Nutrition testing facility in Melbourne with MyHealthTest to form a new business unit: Trajan Analytical Services.

“The acquisition of MyHealthTest is the next step for Trajan establishing the utility of its new and emerging disruptive tools for personalised preventative healthcare and data-based decision-making,” says Trajan CEO Stephen Tomisich.

“By combining MyHealthTest with Trajan Nutrition, we are putting together the first building blocks in a future global Trajan Analytical Services business unit. It’s all part of our vision to embrace a world that delivers personalised, preventative healthcare through the empowerment of the individual.

“You can only have preventative healthcare if you measure the healthy and are able to understand the condition of the healthy. Hence, our intense focus on micro-sampling tools and laboratory automation that can generate data. It’s the data that ultimately is going to be interpreted to provide a view of someone’s health trajectory, and this acquisition strengthens Trajan’s capabilities to provide leadership in this space.”

The MyHealthTest laboratory is equipped with a range of instruments capable of producing high-quality, accurate and precise data and has been certified by Australia’s National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA).

MyHealthTest also provides a range of clinical laboratory research services to the health industry and research institutions. It has significant experience in the development, validation and verification of immunoassay (ELISA, time-resolved fluorescence), liquid chromatography – mass spectrometry (LC-MS) and biochemistry methods for clinical use.

The DBS tests are widely used for external research projects where remote sampling of study participants is necessary.

The acquisition of MyHealthTest comes after Trajan recently took 100 per cent ownership of Trajan Nutrition, a nutritional testing business that had been operated as a joint venture, and commenced expansion of Trajan Nutrition’s Melbourne laboratory to provide broader analytical services.

Over the next six months, Trajan plans to consolidate the MyHealthTest laboratory operations in Canberra into Trajan’s Melbourne operations.

Trajan has retained the key members of the MyHealthTest team.  MyHealthTest’s Chief Scientific Officer and General Manager, Belinda Whittle, has joined Trajan as General Manager of the new Trajan Analytical Services business unit.

“I am excited to be joining the Trajan team, leaders in providing essential products and analytical services to the scientific and healthcare communities.  MyHealthTest’s service is synergistic with Trajan’s vision to positively impact human wellbeing and empower individuals to take control of their health,” says Ms Whittle.

“I look forward to expanding the number of tests available, combining Trajan’s unique sampling technologies. The new Trajan Analytical Services unit will be well placed to leverage increasing global demand for high-quality laboratory testing not only for disease but also for nutrition and wellbeing.”

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