GC supplies
Is there a quick way that I can see all the supplies for my GC instrument?
GC inlet liners
What is a GC inlet liner? What is the purpose of an inlet liner?
What’s the difference between standard SGE® inlet liners and SGE OptChem™ inlet liners?
Why should I use inlet liners which are pre-packed with quartz wool, rather than packing it myself?
Can I send used/dirty liners back to Trajan for cleaning and/or redeactivation?
What does “inlet liner geometry” refer to? How does it affect inlet liner performance?
Can I clean my GC inlet liners?
Are SGE OptChem inlet liners compatible with the same injection solvents as SGE standard inlet liners?
How do I select the correct inlet liner for my analysis?
How can I avoid loss of high boiling point compounds?
My results are showing low sensitivity/low response. Can a different inlet liner increase sensitivity?
Can the inlet liner help reduce baseline noise?
Can the inlet liner extend the lifetime of my GC column?
How often should I change my inlet liner?
Can the inlet liner reduce peak tailing?
What are the benefits of using an SGE OptChem bottom taper inlet liner with glass frit?
Can I download these inlet liner questions and answers?
GC ferrules
What materials are available for GC ferrules?
Can I use graphite ferrules on my mass spectrometer connection?
Is 400°C really the maximum temperature for 100% graphite ferules?
What pressure is suitable for ferrules 072621 and 072622 100% graphite ferrules?
Can SilTite ferrules be used with aluminium clad columns?
Are there SilTite connections for the Thermo injector?
Which SilTite kit should be used with the Thermo ISQ?
Can SilTite ferrules be used with the normal nuts that I use with my graphite vespel ferrules?
Which way does the SilTite ferrule go into the nut?
SilTite FingerTite
The first dimension of our GCxGC system is stainless steel capillary column. Can I use SilTite μ-union for column connection?
GC septa
Do any of the current range of GC septa have a PTFE lining?
What is the thickness of your GC septa?
Do GC septa contain phthalates that can contaminate my analysis?
What type of CRS GC septa are equivalent to Trajan GC septa?
What is the tube insertion depth?
What is the ID of the 1.1 mm OD tubing used for SilFlow (part number 123755)?
How do I remove ferrrules sticking in SilFlow?
How do I remove pieces of column broken off in my SilFlow?
Can I put my SilFlow in an ultrasonic bath?
What temperature can I heat my SilFlow up to?
Gas purifiers and filters
What type of CRS gas filters are equivalent to Trajan Big Traps?
What is the difference between a purifier, a filter, and a trap in the CRS product line?
Should I mount them horizontally or vertically?
Should I use brass or stainless steel fittings?
How long will my filter or purifier last?
I am finding it difficult to get the sample bag out of the sampling canister. What should I do?
What are the GAV-200 gas sampling bags made of?
What pressures can be used with the GAV-200 sampling bags?
What is the minimum and maximum temperature for the GAV-200 sampling bags?
What is the canister in the gas and vapor sampling kit made of?
What is the maximum pressure of the canister?
How can I sample from a low pressure source?
What are the minimum and maximum operating temperatures for the gas and vapor sampling kit?
Micro Control Valves
What is the Internal volume of MOVP part number 1236091?
My SMOV valve part number 1236282 has a PEEK seat. Is a vespel seat available?
How do I change the skirt seal (part number 0932163) on my valve?
GC columns
Can I use Hydrogen as the carrier gas with BPX70 columns at high temperatures?
What is the phase used for the CYDEX-B columns?
What is the standard length of SilGuard guard columns?
Do you manufacture packed columns?
How do I condition my capillary column before using it?
Do you supply bonded phases for your capillary columns?
Do you supply FAME standards?
Why do my chromatogram peaks appear very broad?
I have a mass spectrometer in my laboratory, what capillary column should I use in this?

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