Histology wax

Trajan histology waxTrajan histology wax can assist pathologists in making accurate diagnoses and determine an effective line of treatment for their patients.

Trajan histology wax consists of purified paraffin wax based formulations which are manufactured using high quality raw materials under a stringent quality management system. The superior product performance is evidenced by delivering reproducible results with complete tissue infiltration and embedding for precise specimen sectioning at the microtome station.

Features and benefits


Consistent results

  • Highly purified paraffin with premium quality supplements
  • Complete infiltration and specimen embedding
  • Provides enhanced elasticity and tensile strength during sectioning
  • Minimal resistance while sectioning with steady ribbon continuity

Workflow efficiency

Broad portfolio

  • Extensive range to improve laboratory efficiency
  • Optimized for use on various tissue processors and embedding stations
  • Time savings and cost reduction with flexible formats and sizes in accordance to laboratory preferences


Better patient care

  • Improved specimen sectioning to aid further staining processes
  • Stringent quality management system for manufacture and assembly
  • Rigorous batch to batch testing for product consistency
  • Robust supply chain with regional distribution network