LEAP CHRONECT Quantos powder-liquid automation

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Complete workflow integrates ultra-accurate powder dosing and liquid sample preparation

The LEAP CHRONECT® Quantos integrated powder-liquid automation system is a complete workflow like no other. This powerful platform is achieved through seamless coordination of industry proven, trusted, modular elements.

Features and benefits

The high-precision, safe and reliable powder automation you’ve always wanted.

Integration of accurate dosing and weighing technology into liquid sample preparation maximizes your time and resources while minimizing user exposure and error sources.

Developed in collaboration with METTLER TOLEDO and Axel Semrau.
  • The most complete, trusted and flexible system available
    The industry-leading Quantos powder dosing capability, from METTLER TOLEDO, enables the highest level of accuracy and safety in powder delivery. The calibrated and certified balance is isolated from the moving components through optimized mass and mechanical damping. The integrated, multi-axis, cooperative robot combined with the precision-engineered platform facilitates the automation of up to 32 different powders.

    Synchronized and in parallel, the PAL workstation automatically seals and caps vials, adds accurate liquid volumes, agitates, vortexes, mixes, heats, and or promotes dissolution or extraction from the solid, according to your workflow.

    Positive tracking and traceability of powder dosing heads through RFID
    Positive tracking and traceability of powder dosing heads is achieved through embedded RFID tracking. This tracking and workflow information can be output directly to LIMS systems, data systems, PDF, Excel or CSV formats.

  • Chronos software
    The powerful Chronos software empowers users with familiar sample/method based control. The Chronos software natively drives all modules in the system, eliminating any need for robot programming in your laboratory. Chronos also expands compatibility to integration with large scale automation systems, all major analytical instrument data systems, and legacy QX96 excel files.

  • Compact footprint allows you to handle powder samples in a safe, inert gas environment
    The integrated system is designed with your lab in mind, and a footprint compatible with benchtop, open laboratory environments and both positive and negative pressure cabinets.

    Powder can be added to vials in a completely isolated environment, sealed in inert gas, and prepared for any analytical technique, without users coming into contact with potentially toxic or otherwise hazardous powders.

    Sample and dosing
    Powder dispensing range: 1 mg - several grams.
    Component dosing heads: Up to 32 Quantos standard dosing heads.
    Suitable powders: Free-flowing, fluffy, granular or electrostatically charged.
    Dispensing time - 1 component: 10 - 60 seconds, depending on compound.
    Target vial formats: Sealed and unsealed vials (2 mL, 10 mL, 20 mL); unsealed 1 mL vials.

    Dimensions (w x d x h):
    - without capping or liquid prep: 950 mm x 650 mm x 825 mm
    - with capping and/or liquid prep: 1575 mm x 795 mm x 825 mm

    Configuration modules
    CHRONECT robot: cooperative robot and Quantos platform.
    Quantos powder dosing: automated analytical balance and dosing module.
    Capping/liquid automation: PAL system and Chronos control software - varies by application.

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