SGE syringes by Trajan

SGE syringes have consistently been the choice of laboratories, GC and LC equipment manufacturers for over 50 years. They choose our products because their reputation depends on the performance of our components.

Our knowledge and expertise in liquid handling technologies has enabled us to design syringes for a vast variety of applications. However, all these products have two things in common; outstanding performance and superior quality.

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SGE Diamond Headspace Syringes
SGE Diamond MS Syringes
SGE GC Autosampler Syringes
SGE HPLC Autosampler Syringes
MEPS Syringes
SGE Diamond Manual Syringes
SGE Diamond Gas Tight Syringes
SGE Guided Plunger Syringes
SGE Jumbo Syringes
SGE Syringes for Rheodyne and Valco Valves
Autosampler and Manual
SGE NanoVolume Syringes
Dispenser and Pump
SGE Syringes for Hamilton C and CX
SGE Syringes for PSD/3 and PSD/4 Pumps
SGE Syringes for V3 Pumps
SGE Syringes for V6 Pumps
eVol Syringes
eVol Kits
Headspace Soil Gas Tight Syringes
High Pressure Syringes
On-Column Syringes
Replacement Parts
Replacement Needles
Replacement Plungers
Cross Reference
Syringes Cross Reference - Hamilton
Gas and Vapor Samplers
Syringe Valves
Syringe Racks
Syringe Repeating Adaptor (RAX)
Syringe Needle Cleaning Kits

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