SGE MS syringes

The choice for sensitivity

Understanding how important your MS results are, and how precious your sample is, the SGE MS syringe and needle range is designed to improve the sensitivity of your MS results.

Features and benefits

  • Lowest syringe carryover.
  • Reduced non specific sample interaction and increased analyte recovery.
  • Ultra smooth removable needles with choice of surface treatment.

Recommended applications

SGE MS syringes and needles are MS ready.

Product specifications

Available in 10 µL to 500 µL manual syringes, 10 µL to 100 µL CTC and Thermo RSH autosampler syringes,10 µL and 25 µL Agilent autosampler syringes, 10 µL Shimadzu autosampler syringes. Ultra Smooth, Ultra Smooth Hydrophilic, and Ultra Smooth Hydrophobic needles.

Accuracy and reproducibility ±1% (dispensed volume)
Temperature range 5-120°C
International standards traceability


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