GC Connections

Column connections in the GC have traditionally suffered from unreliability, leaks, excessive dead volumes and lack of intertness, leading to poor chromatography results and instrument downtime. SilTite® GC Connections are designed to minimize installation time and provide ongoing, robust connections throughout the life of the GC column.

The best connections are made to last

  • Easy to install and leak-free
  • Superb operational stability
  • Low dead volume
  • Chemically inert

The SilTite range includes:

Using SilTite GC Connections means less time on maintenance, and more time to focus on your analysis!

Free GC connections poster

The GC Connections poster includes expert tips for GC troubleshooting, a handy reference of SilTite products, and which parts are suitable for instruments from Agilent Technologies, Bruker (Varian), PerkinElmer, Shimadzu and Thermo Scientific.

  • Print poster unfolds from A4 brochure format to an A1 size poster for your wall.
  • PDF of poster and A4 part number reference.

Click here to request a free poster and/or PDF.