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HDX has become an indispensable tool for protein binding studies in pharmaceutical development. For over 15 years Trajan's automation team (formally LEAP Technologies) have been automating HDX experiments, and is the industry leader in the field.

LEAP HDX systems are helping researchers across the globe come to answers about their proteins faster than traditional methods.

Features and benefits

Successful HDX experiments
Hydrogen Deuterium Exchange is an experimental technique for obtaining information about changes in the tertiary structure of proteins under different physiological conditions. Automation addresses the 4 key factors for successful HDX experiments:
  • Accurate timing
  • pH control
  • Sustained 0°C environment
  • In-line digestion

Faster answers
Powerful information on protein structure in days - not weeks. Move more quickly, make better decisions.

Recommended applications

Automated Hydrogen-Deuterium Exchange (HDX) experiments.

Our turn-key HDX solution is compatible with most MS analyzers, and can extend your current LC/MS capabilities while adding a new dimension to your protein studies.


  • LEAP HDX automation
    The LEAP HDX platform is an advanced, automated scheduling and experimental workstation providing ease of use, high reproducibility and exceptional data quality for HDX experiments.

    HDX relies on accurate timing of the labeling step.

    The system will optimize the timing of the labeling step to ensure quenching is just in time for the LC-MS injection, using a chilled syringe. A typical experiment might consist of a dozen time points, in triplicate, for each protein sample. The LEAP HDX system will schedule the experiments and perform all steps for each time point of every sample. Long labeling experiments are automatically scheduled first to ensure the shortest possible instrument time.

    Optimized HDX fluidics
    The introduction of optimized HDX fluidics that enables full fluidic path backflushing, extending column life and maintaining consistent retention times to deliver higher quality data.

    The new fluidics pathway is built upon UHPLC rated valves and column hardware (21 kpsi), with flow paths minimized to reduce swept volumes.

    Trajan manufactured HDX specific pre-cut, high pressure lines and fittings, designed to improve reliability and enhance performance. All fluidic components are designed to offer consistently reproducible results.

  • ChronosHDX control software
    Meeting the challenge of producing the highest quality data sets.

    HDX experiments require time-sensitive operation. Therefore, in traditional methods, an operator has to attend throughout the course of HDX experiments. However, time-controlled automation enables unattended operation using intelligent scheduling with Chronos software.

    Trajan uses ChronosHDX scheduling software to automate the precise labeling and quenching of samples, as well as injection and digestion of proteins on the LC-MS analysis system.

    • Precise on-exchange data point timing
    • Reproducible experimental conditions
    • Multi-valve control for trapping and elution of digested peptides to the LCMS system
    • Throughput optimization with elimination of timing conflicts
    • Simple graphic user interface
    • Advanced method editing capabilities
    • Integrated with HDExaminer data processing software from Sierra Analytics

    ChronosHDX screenshot

    Native data format compatibility with HDExaminer increases high confidence data and allows you to get to results faster.

    • HDExaminer finds accurate results even with overlapping peptides.
    • The software works well with low resolution or high resolution data.
    • Imports MS data from Agilent, AB Sciex, Bruker, Thermo, or Waters instruments, as well as mzXML or mxData.
    • Imports peptide search data from SEQUEST HTML, Mascot XML, Proteome Discover xls or pepXML.

    Efficient system control and optimized experimental design
    Our Chronos for HDX software now offers a streamlined interface for HDX users and automatically overlaps time points for maximum MS efficiency.

    Temperature control at all steps ensures reliable data. Sustained 0°C environment reduces back exchange, improves sample stability and overall reproducibility.

    Our most flexible automation platform yet offers the ability to run multiple experimental methods in the same sequence. Native data format compatibility with HDExaminer increases high confidence data and allows you to get to results faster.

  • LEAP HDX specifications
    On-exchange time range 10 seconds to 4+ hours, user selectable
    Temperature control ±1.0°C
    Temperature range 0°C to 37°C
    Volumetric range Typically 1-250 μL, use application selectable to 5000 μL
    Electrical 120 VAC, 60 Hz or 220 VAC, 50 Hz
    Dimensions 80 cm (W) x 38.5 cm (D) x 64.8 cm (H)
    Weight 80 kg
    LCMS data systems Compatible with nearly all LCMS data systems. Direct integration with the most common.
  • Service you can trust
    Our CTC Manufacturer Certified Service team is ready to keep your automation at its peak performance.

    Full application support
    Trajan is the leading expert in automation of HDX. Our in-house specialists and team of experienced partners offer you the best consulting available to achieve your HDX goals.

    Expert training
    Trajan has the expertise and experience with automating HDX experiments that can only come from having worked with leading scientists in the field.

  • ProDx consumables designed for HDX
    Columns and fluidics consumables specifically designed to optimize all aspects of the HDX user experience.

    View the range of ProDx columns

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