LEAP HDX automation

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Flexibility by design

Since 2002 Trajan has been automating HDX, providing continuous enhancements for rugged HDX sample control and scheduling.

Trajan’s LEAP HDX system is the recognized leader, preferred around the globe by scientists requiring confidence in reproducible results.

Features and benefits

Automated HDX provides structural confidence in native states
HDX, especially automated HDX, has uses in development, manufacturing and post-production, providing insight into your protein’s tertiary structure, in its native state(s).

Successful HDX experiments are all about control
With robotic precision, Trajan’s HDX platform exerts exacting control of all key factors:

  • Reproducible accuracy in timing of liquid transfers – overlapped to ensure efficiency.
  • Maintained pH control – optimizes quench conditions for maximum sequence coverage.
  • Sustained 0°C environment – precision at temperatures from 0°C to biological conditions.
  • In-line digestion – fully leverages and identifies ideal digestion conditions.

Recommended applications

HDX is a well-established analytical technique for protein-ligand, protein-protein, protein-conjugate interactions and protein stability studies.

HDX uses variations in deuterium exchange rates between more and less accessible/structured regions throughout a protein.

In addition to being faster than other protein techniques like x-ray crystallography and NMR, HDX data can be obtained from samples that are challenging to crystalize and from samples in short supply. It can be used to replicate critical native state conditions, for the most useful results. HDX is an indispensable complementary tool for protein biophysics.

Trajan’s HDX system is compatible with bottom-up, top- and middle-down protein analysis studies.


LEAP HDX platform

The total HDX platform
Our total HDX platform covers the complete process: sample input >> the many meticulous steps of preparation >> optimizing mass spec utilization >> clear answers with minimal manual data curation.

Faster answers
Powerful information on protein structure in days – not weeks. Move more quickly, make better decisions.

With HDExaminer, swiftly and easily analyze data from any MS instrument to get a complete picture of the overall deuteration behavior of your protein.


Automation at its finest
The most efficient system control, with unique temperature set points at all stages of the experiment to ensure reliable data. Sustained 0°C environment reduces back exchange, improves sample stability and overall reproducibility.

Our Chronos for HDX software offers a streamlined interface for HDX users and automatically overlaps time points for maximum MS efficiency.

Combines ease of use with advanced options, allowing promotion of user-defined parameters to the sample list, giving the operator control over all aspects of the method without complication.

ChronosHDX screenshot

HDExaminer: a complete analytical tool for HDX experiments

The Trajan LEAP HDX platform works natively with HDExaminer from Sierra Analytics, a complete software solution for HDX analysis, independent of MS data type.

HDExaminer is designed with ease of use in mind, offering numerous ways to visualize your data. These include:

  • Deuteration level residue maps give you quick insight into the most important areas for study.
  • Protein state comparisons help you to spot differences in ligand-bound vs. unbound, mutant vs. wild type, modified vs. unmodified etc.
  • Zoom in on all individual residue results with isotope clusters, extracted ion chromatograms and color-coded confidence levels (vs. theoretical data).

Unique fluidics automation for the best performance
Trajan’s LEAP HDX platform incorporates an advanced cooling chamber for the trapping and chromatography phases which includes an enclosed valve and column chiller as well as solvent pre-conditioning.

Digestion temperature is controlled independently with the protease column chamber, to allow improved digestion efficiency.

A special 3 valve configuration enables zero-downtime backflushing for retention time stability, extended column life and superior carryover protection.

Optimized fittings and precut tubing ensure maximum reliability and instrument up-time.

Models and specifications




Parallel (standard)

Parallel (extended)

Automatic syringe selection for extended dynamic range

Chilled syringe for quench/injection

Vial capacity for 100 time point experiments

Optimized valve fluidics for inline digestion and automatic backflushing

Exchange time points down to 30 seconds

Independent protease column temperature control

Trajan HDX syringes

Trajan ProDx protease columns optimized for low temperature

Trajan ProDx trap columns optimized for low temperature

Dual head for simultaneous operations



Exchange time points down to 15 seconds



Forward compatible capacity for future models




Secondary chilled syringe for protein handling





Membrane protein filtration





96 or 384 well microtiter plate capacity







Expert training
Trajan Scientific and Medical is the global expert in HDX automation. Our in-house specialists and experienced partners offer the best training and consulting available to achieve your HDX goals.

Supporting more operation modes in more places than ever
With 40 years combined experience in HDX and coupled to our unparalleled relationships with the global leaders in the technique worldwide, our HDX automation continues to offer application support for an ever-expanding portfolio of options.

New features and integrations now offer you better access to membrane proteins, proteins at biologically relevant temperatures, and even more flexible protein regions than ever before.

The Trajan LEAP HDX platform is supported directly by Trajan in Europe, Australia, Japan and the USA, and through partners in the Middle East, India and beyond.

Service you can trust
Our CTC manufacturer-certified service team is available to assist you in person, by phone and remote session.

Now offering local time zone support in US, EU, ANZ and Asiatic time zones.

Available extended support contracts, training and preventative maintenance schedules.


Consumables designed for HDX
Columns and fluidics specifically designed to optimize all aspects of the HDX user experience. From ease of use to reliability and sample stability, your success is our number one goal.

ProDx Protease columns are designed to perform with lower carryover, lower backpressure, and better digestion characteristics at 0°C for longer lifetimes.

ProDx Trap columns are uniquely engineered to operate under HDX experimental conditions.

View the range of ProDx columns