Syringe needle cleaning kits

Syringe needle cleaning kitThe SGE syringe is a precision instrument with a high standard of fit between the plunger and the glass barrel. Like most precision instruments, regular maintenance is important for ensuring long life and robust performance.

The SGE syringe needle cleaning kit contains a range of stylet wires for needle cleaning, tweezers and a surfactant for barrel cleaning.

Features and benefits

Convenient package with everything needed to clean SGE syringe needles.

Recommended applications

The needle cleaning kit is ideal for cleaning and unblocking needles.

Product specifications

A range of stylet wires, tweezers for holding the wires and a phosphate-free, non-ionic surfactant are provided for cleaning syringe needles.

Kit includes:

  • 15 cm long x 0.10 mm OD wires, PK5
  • 15 cm long x 0.15 mm OD wires, PK5
  • 15 cm long x 0.20 mm OD wires, PK5
  • 20 mL cleaning solution concentrate
  • Tweezers

Replacement stylet wires are available.


Please refer to the part number list for more items.