SGE Jumbo Syringes

For the handling of large volumes of gas, SGE Jumbo syringes offer convenient use as well as versatility and reliability.

Features and benefits

  • Heavy duty acrylic barrels.
  • Easy access to sample for the addition of standards or removal of subsample via secondary port.
  • Plunger stem is removable for ease of transportation and storage.
  • Compatible with a range of fittings; has a 7/16"" UNEF thread and designed to be used with Luer Lock fittings and needles.

Recommended applications

Ideal for calibration of medical equipment such as respirators and spirometers, and for stack and air sampling.

Do not subject Jumbo syringes to temperatures in excess of 80 °C.

Product specifications

Accuracy and Reproducibility

± 2 % (dispensed volume)

Acrylic Barrel Outer Diameter (OD)

0.5 L = 70 mm, 1 L = 100 mm and 2 L = 130 mm

Scale Length

0.5 L = 179.2 mm, 1 L = 159.1 mm and 2 L = 179 mm

International Standards Traceability
Syringe Volume Barrel Length (mm) Barrel OD (mm) Major Scale Divisions (mL) Minor Scale Divisions (mL)
0.5 L 245 70 50 25
1 L 245 100 100 50
2 L 245 130 200 100


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