Syringe repeating adaptor (RAX)

The syringe repeating adaptor (RAX) improves precision and reproducibility when repeatedly dispensing the same volume manually.

Syringe Repeating Adaptor (RAX)

Features and benefits

It has easy to use finger grips and can be set to any desired volume.

The RAX can be used as added protection against both plunger blowout at elevated pressures and plunger bending.

The flat sides allow it to sit securely on the bench with the needle in a raised position helping to prevent damage from rolling.

The RAX is supplied with an innovative double-ended tool to facilitate assembly. It can easily and quickly be installed, and if required it can readily be removed, replaced or swapped between syringes.

Recommended applications

For repeated manual dispensing of the same volume.

Product specifications

The RAX is suitable for syringes with capacities from 500 nL through to 500 μL (except those with plunger stops, or diluter/dispenser syringes). The one RAX can be used on both 6.5 mm OD and 8 mm OD syringe barrels.


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