Replacement Needles

Wide range of needles available to suit SGE 5 µL, 10 µL, 25-500 µL, 1-2.5 mL, 5-10 mL, Luer Lock and NanoVolume syringes.

Recommended applications

Needle tip style






Manual GC

The standard general purpose needle tip style supplied with many SGE syringes is a 20° bevel tip. It is the preferred option for manual injection where piercing the septa in exactly the same place is difficult. The bevel tip is designed for optimum septa penetration and prevention of septa coring. Bevel tip needles are also known as point style 2.



GC autosampler

The cone shaped needle tip is specially developed to withstand multi injection demands and improve septa lifetime when used with an autosampler. The cone design effectively “parts” the septa during piercing instead of cutting it, as would a bevel needle. Cone tip needles are also known as point style AS for autosampler.

Dual Gauge

Dual gauge

On-column injection - autosampler

Dual gauge needles have a narrow gauge at the tip suitable for megabore on-column injection. The wider gauge for the remainder of the needle gives increased strength to the needle for autosampler use.




These needles are used for LC and HPLC valve injection and have a 90° square tip with rounded and polished edges. This  eliminates damage to the valve’s rotor seal and stator face. LC/HPLC tips are also known as point style 3. This needle tip style is a good choice for general liquid dispensing.



With pre-drilled Septa

This style needle is recommended for use with pre-drilled septa. The tip is rounded and polished to help septa penetration.

Side Hole

Side hole

LV Injection

Samples are filled and dispensed through the side hole eliminating septa plugging of the needle. Ideal for large volume gas injection. The solid domed tip minimizes septa damage. Side hole/dome tips are also known as point style 5.

Product specifications

Stainless steel, available in various lengths and OD configurations. 


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