Headspace soil gas tight syringes

SGE headspace soil gas tight syringes are ideal for soil headspace extraction, and sample storage prior to injection. Pre-fitted with a Luer Lock valve that allows gas to be stored in the syringe without contamination.

The syringe is supplied with a removable Luer probe, which is replaced with a needle during injection in GC.

Features and benefits

  • Ready to use gas tight syringe with Luer Lock valve, Luer probe, and needle.
  • Efficient sample intake.
  • PTFE plunger tip for perfect sealing.
  • Store gas in the syringe without contamination.
  • Luer Lock valves are designed for use with Luer Lock needles and fittings, ideal when fast needle changeover is needed.
  • Replacement parts available.

Recommended applications

  • Soil headspace extraction.
  • Headspace soil gas analysis.

Product specifications

Headspace soil gas tight syringes are available in 5 mL and 10 mL capacities, pre-fitted with valve, and supplied with a probe and needle (replacement parts available):

  • Manually operated ON//OFF push-button valve (SVLL) with Luer Lock termination.
  • Special Luer probe with a side hole for efficient sample intake.
  • 5 cm 0.63 mm OD bevel tipped needle for Luer Lock (additional needles available separately).
  • Accuracy and reproducibility: ±1% (dispensed volume)
  • Borosilicate glass barrel outer diameter (OD): 5 mL = 14 mm, 10 mL = 18 mm
  • Scale length: 60 mm
  • Volume range: 0.5 mL to 10 mL
  • Temperature range: 5-100°C
  • International standards traceability


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