On-column syringes

On-column syringes have small OD long length needles suitable for on-column manual injection into specific instruments (not for autosamplers).

Features and benefits

  • Specifically designed for on-column injection.
  • Small needle ODs to fit into the capillary column.
  • Long length needles to reach the capillary column.

Recommended applications

Manual injection of thermally unstable liquid samples directly into capillary column or tubing.

Product specifications

When selecting an on-column syringe the needle OD must be smaller than the ID of the capillary column with which it is used. Care must also be taken to select the correct needle length to suit the on-column injector.

On-column syringes are available with a 7 cm 0.47 mm OD (26 gauge) needle, or a 7.5 cm length 0.23 mm OD (32 gauge) needle.

  • Accuracy and reproducibility: ±2% (dispensed volume) for 0.5 µL, ±1% (dispensed volume) for 10 µL
  • Borosilicate glass barrel outer diameter (OD): 8 mm for 0.5 µL, 6.5 mm for 10 µL
  • Scale length: 63.7 mm for 0.5 µL, 54.1 mm for 10 µL
  • Volume range: 0.05 µL - 10 µL
  • Temperature range: 5-70°C for 0.5 µL, 5-120°C for 10 µL
  • International standards traceability


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