SGE NanoVolume Syringes

With the ability to inject down to 50 nL with high precision and accuracy, SGE NanoVolume Syringes are perfect for NanoVolume capillary chromatography injection as well as making accurate standards that require small volumes.

The sample is only drawn into the needle, not the syringe barrel. When the plunger is depressed, the sample is completely dispensed by the NanoVolume plunger that extends to the tip of the needle.

Features and benefits

  • Plunger extends into the needle tip.
  • Sample is contained only in the needle, i.e. no glass contact.
  • Ideal for dispensing very small liquid volumes. Virtually zero dead volume and carry over between injections

Recommended applications

Recommended for use when sample volume is less than 1000 nL (1 μL).

Product specifications

Available in 500 nL (0.5 μL), 1000 nL (1 μL) and 5000 nL (5 μL).

Accuracy and Reproducibility ±2% (dispensed volume)
Temperature Range 5-70°C
International Standards Traceability


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