SGE Syringes for Rheodyne and Valco Valves

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A range of SGE syringes specifically designed for use with Rheodyne® and Valco® injection valves. Syringes use a 22 gauge (0.028" OD), 5.1 cm (2") long needle with a square cut (90°) needle tip style and no electrotaper. Selection of the syringe capacity will depend on the injection technique.

Features and benefits

  • Metal back flange with flat sides prevents syringe rolling off benches.
  • Bright white backing strip with black scale markings for accurate reading of the syringe scale.
  • Metal cap on fixed needle syringes protects the syringe barrel from chipping and breakage.

Recommended applications

For partial HPLC injection loop fill, the injection volume should be no greater than half the loop capacity. The injection size sets the injection volume.

For complete loop fill, the syringe capacity should be greater than twice the loop volume. A luer lock syringe fitted with a Rheodyne/Valco luer lock needle is ideal for this purpose. The loop capacity sets the injection volume.

Product specifications

Available in 5 µL to 500 µL fixed needle capacities, and 10 µL to 2.5 mL removable needle capacities.

Accuracy and Reproducibility ±1% (dispensed volume)
Temperature Range 5-70°C Fixed Needle, 5-120 °C Removable Needle
International Standards Traceability


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