SGE HPLC autosampler syringes

Known for 50 years in chromatography syringes, the SGE range of HPLC autosampler syringes are designed and tested to meet critical autosampler specifications.

Recommended applications

For partial HPLC injection loop fill, the injection volume should be no greater than half the loop capacity. The injection size sets the injection volume. For complete loop fill, the syringe capacity should be greater than twice the loop volume. A luer lock syringe fitted with a Rheodyne/Valco luer lock needle is ideal for this purpose. The loop capacity sets the injection volume.

Product specifications

Available for CTC, Hitachi, PerkinElmer, Spark Holland, Thermo Scientific, and Waters WISP autosamplers.

Accuracy and reproducibility ±1% (dispensed volume)
Temperature range 5-70°C fixed needle, 5-120 °C removable needle
International standards traceability


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