Precision bio-sampling that enables collection of accurate micro-samples

The proposed concept of hemaPEN® is a novel blood collection and dispensing platform in dried blood spot (DBS) format. It integrates end-to-end capillary with pre-punched DBS paper for blood collection and dispensing. It exemplifies the advantages of DBS micro-sample stability, while addressing the associated limitations of volumetric accuracy, hematocrit effect and sample integrity.

The proposed concept of the hemaPEN platform technology is expected to provide easy, and more convenient sampling process for dried blood spot (DBS) collection.

hemaPEN has the potential to redefine blood collection, storage and transport, and improve access to near-patient sampling. Initial results demonstrate the capillary collection method in hemaPEN provides a high level of precision compared to other dispensing methods.

The capillary collection mechanism dispenses an accurate volume of blood onto specialized, approved filter paper. The integrated compartments protect collected samples at every stage of the process. Following blood collection, the device can then be sent via regular mail to the laboratory for analysis.

It is possible that the hemaPEN will be used by both healthcare and non-healthcare professionals. Its adoption into current healthcare systems may save time, reduce healthcare costs, and improve accuracy of blood analysis.

  • Accuracy

    • Capillary dispensing method enables accurate blood volume collection.
    • Rapid and reliable micro- sampling with measurable precision.

    Sample integrity

    • Capillary and cartridge encapsulation prevents environment and contamination between patients.
    • Single use.


    • Compact ergonomic design.
    • Time savings with overall collection duration less than 20 seconds.
    • Can enable convenient sample collection in laboratory and clinic, home or remote locations.


    • Reduction in potential bio-hazard exposure to both patient and laboratory personnel.
    • Inert and non-reactive capillary glass safe for direct human contact.
    • Post-collection locking feature restricts sample extraction to trained laboratory staff.

    Enhanced user experience

    • Handheld pen design for user convenience.
    • Offers ease of use and a new collection experience for users.
    • Transparent tip to visualize collection completion.

    Quantitative processing

    • Cartridge design compatible with 96 well microtitre plates.
    • Integration into existing sample collection and processing workflows.
  • Brochure - hemaPEN [PDF]
    Brochure - hemaPEN (French) [PDF]

The hemaPEN® is in development and is for investigational use only. Not available for sale.