BP1 PONA GC columns

More than five decades of innovative phase technologies and unique fused silica production capabilities, together provide end-to-end separation solutions for all applications.

Features and benefits

  • Designed for the analysis of petroleum products.
  • Non-polar phase for PONA analysis.
  • Detailed hydrocarbon analysis according to ASTM (DHA-method).
  • Cross-linked and washable.
  • Very high resolving power columns for complex samples.

Recommended applications

  • Petroleum hydrocarbons.
  • Gasoline range hydrocarbons.
  • MTBE.
  • Paraffins.
  • Olefins.
  • Napthalenes.
  • Aromatics.

Product specifications

BP1 PONA structure

100% Dimethyl Polysiloxane. Suitable replacement for: Petrocol DH, DB-Petro, HP-PONA, AT-Petro, Elite-PONA, ZB-1, 007-1-100-0.5F, Rtx-1PONA, CP Sil PONA.

Film thickness Operating temperature
0.5 µm -60°C to 320/340°C


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