Gas filter kits - FID

Gas filters are an essential part of your GC analysis as contaminants in gases can significantly impact the quality of results. Oxygen, hydrocarbons and moisture can lead to problems such as noisy baselines, moisture entering the GC column, excessive bleed and septa degradation. Even if carrier gas is of the highest quality, contaminants can be picked up from every part of the gas line. Therefore, a gas filter is needed to ensure that maximum productivity is achieved.

Features and benefits

  • Capacity of 150 mL oxygen, 7.2 g water, 7 g organics, depending on impurities.
  • Indicator color change tells you when to change your filter.
  • Can be used in combination with other filters through a simple connecting unit.

Recommended applications

  • FID (flame ionization detectors)

Product specifications

The gas filter kit consists of two key parts: the connecting unit and the filter. The connecting unit has inlet and outlet connectors for the gas lines, and the system can be wall-mounted or fixed to a bench. Connecting units are available for 1/4" or 1/8" gas lines.

Gas filter kit - FID includes:

  • 4 x Gas filters (2 x hydrocarbon, 1 x oxygen, 1 x moisture)
  • 1 x Connecting unit - 4 position
Filter type Hydrocarbon, oxygen, moisture
Function Removes water, oxygen and organic compounds
Indicator color change

Oxygen: From green to gray
Moisture:From green to pale brown
Hydrocarbon: No indicator

Capacity 150 mL oxygen, 7.2 g water, 7 g organics depending on impurities
Outlet concentration  at operating flow of 1-10 L/min Oxygen <50 ppb
Moisture <0.1 ppm
Organics <0.1 ppm


Please refer to the part number lists for more items.