Extraction to Injection in a Single Process

MEPS is Micro Extraction by Packed Sorbent, the miniaturization of conventional SPE packed bed devices from milliliter bed volumes to microliter volumes. The MEPS approach to sample preparation is suitable for reversed phases, normal phases, mixed mode or ion exchange chemistries.

The MEPS Barrel Insert and Needle (BIN) assembly contains the stationary phase, and is built into the syringe needle. Using MEPS requires both a suitable syringe and a MEPS BIN.

With MEPS, the sample processing, extraction and injection steps are performed using the same syringe.

Features and benefits

  • MEPS BINs are compatible for use with MEPS syringes.
  • Save hours in sample preparation.
  • Semi or fully automate to improve workflow and increase productivity.
  • Reduce solvent usage and sample volume.
  • Reuseable as the packing material is washed between samples.
  • Works with samples as small as 10 µL.

Recommended applications

SPE method development, and/or proofing before transition to fully automated platforms. Processing small sample batches, or urgent samples.

Product specifications

MEPS BINs are available with C2, C8, C18, Silica, and C8+SCX phases, for both LC and GC applications. SCX and SAX phases are also available for LC applications.

MEPS syringes are available separately.


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